Monday, March 22, 2010

Farmers Market

The 20-min drive, the three kids, the packed weekends all interfere with my favorite thing to do on Sunday mornings: Visit the farmers market. Unfortunately the one close to my house is not a great market. I have tried to enjoy it - even forced myself to stay longer than I wanted - many, many times. Our local farmers market is a little heavy on the Tupperware sales and junk food and similar booths of low interest to me. Competition must be stiff among Saturday morning markets, and ours draws few farmers, usually just 2 or 3 booths. So my quarterly trip to the La Jolla market is quite a treat, and this time I had only the company of my littlest one.

Our take-home loot today:

  • one bunch each of orange gerbera daisies and orange ranunculus
  • an artichoke
  • pound of fava beans
  • half-pound of sugar snap peas
  • bunch of basil on the root
  • a pot of Italian parsley to plant
  • a head of red oak lettuce
  • a bunch of baby turnips with greens
  • a bunch of kale
  • a pint of #2 (oddly-shaped) strawberries (cheaper and taste just as good)
  • a bag of lentils
  • a bunch of carrots with greens

Since Baby is fighting her next bug, she was more than happy to ride in the Baby Bjorn and offer the use of her stroller as shopping cart. Everyone was happy :-)

Have you been to a farmers market lately?


Baby Bergin said...

LOVE the LJ market!! The hillcrest one is really good too, although not any more convenient for you guys

Laurie said...

I will have to try the LJ market!

The Hillcrest market is awesome too.

Luckily for us there is a Sunday morning farmer's market a few blocks away from our condo. Otherwise I'm sure I'd never get there...