Friday, November 12, 2010

In My Kitchen

{It's a busy place, this kitchen of ours.
What's going on in YOUR kitchen this week?}

Thanks, Amanda of SouleMama, for this topic. I have to giggle though, as I am not a professional blogger and my own contribution comes in about two and a half weeks later!

This month, in my kitchen, I have:

:: tried to keep the instant oatmeal jar full (mine is based on this one)

:: burned my Mandarin Woods candle made by Bella from Illume, which I found at Target. (A little Googling showed me that I'm not the first to sing the praises of this wonderful scent; even the print on the packaging box is gorgeous and currently serves as a pencil box on my desk.)

:: helped the girls make baked apples

:: made macaroni and cheese

:: worked on Christmas ornaments with the kids (we ordered this pattern as a kit)

:: made a whole-grain loaf and sandwich bread and pizza dough and focaccia (from here and here and here)

:: watched baby play with spices and dried herbs (before one of the jars broke, of course)

What's happening in your kitchen?

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