Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Photography and Food

I am obsessively reading up on digital SLRs now, learning how they work, researching brands, wondering how far I need my photo ability to go. I've found a few interesting resources on the web, most recently:

What a pleasure it would be to take even more stunning pictures of my already-gorgeous kids, as well as capture food in its own beautiful patterns and colors from preparation to cooking and baking to plating.

I've also had Photoshop Elements in my Amazon Wish List for a while; I think it's high-time I made a stunning banner for this little blog of mine, and I sure don't have the software for that currently.

Although I left my neuropsychology practice over a year ago, I've been quietly saving money from long overdue collections. I never had an opportunity to spend any income I made when I was working, as I put every dollar back into my company. Now there is a very small profit, and I'm thinking it's not a bad idea to use some of that for myself. I've had a small list of interests I wanted to pursue when I had the time, and I just may use some of these savings to develop one of those. Here's my short list:

  1. Sewing (check)
  2. Piano (check, but I've been on a hiatus from lessons since baby was born)
  3. Photography
  4. Spanish
  5. Astronomy

Yes, I can lean toward the esoteric. You might even giggle on hearing the ones I haven't listed!

More cooking and recipes and musings are coming. Just a little diversion today.

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