Monday, May 10, 2010


Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!

There are a few things in the kitchen garden these days. A bowl of lemons.

From this tree, which gives us fruit all year long since I learned how to prune it and feed it a couple years ago.

A pot of herbs in the kitchen window, basil and Italian parsley for now.

And a pot of mint that just had a big haircut.

Outside is looking surprisingly lovely. Rosemary spreading under the kitchen window.

A while back I showed an unintentional peek of our naked garden boxes. Since then we had decided to pass on another vegetable gardening season while focusing on other things, like saving money by not buying starter plants. So what a fortunate surprise to find a cherry tomato from two years ago decided to return.

With probably 4-6 inches of new growth per day.

And plenty of tomatoes swelling like little green balloons.

I would have been so thrilled to just have a ton of cherry tomatoes, knowing my kiddos will pop these in their mouths all summer like they were jelly beans.

I recently discovered a butternut squash who wanted another hurrah.

And a roma tomato plant.

And even a pumpkin!

Have you been in the garden lately?

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