Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy New Decade!

What in the hey-ho have we been up to for the past six weeks, you might ask? I think I was caught in that December vortex, the one that hits exactly on December 1st, and you find yourself somewhere around January 5th or 6th, wondering where the past month has gone while standing amid dusty Christmas decorations waiting to be boxed and garaged and eyeing the pile of half-finished thank-you notes that by some law of childhood must involve hours of feuding and griping and avoiding. Yeah. So that's where we've been!

We had a relaxing, travel-free holiday season, safe at home where baby could attempt to choke on our own tree ornaments rather than an unlucky grandma's.

Need a new project for 2010?

Check these books out. I ordered them for myself the day after Christmas on Amazon. (No, that was not part of the save-every-spare-penny plan that is really starting to get on my nerves, but what's the big deal - only 12 more months to go!) So, here's the update with these books. I love to cook and spend a bit of every day doing so. Adding an extra few minutes ONE day a week to mix bread dough is nothing! And I actually haven't bought a loaf of bread yet in 2010. How about that? The authors claim that making your own bread will cost about $.40 a loaf. Photos will follow soon. If I can get any before these loaves are devoured... Seriously. I've made several loaves to give to friends, but then discover some little or big fingers have been involved in using the bread knife...

And make your life easier by picking up these below as well. (I've already priced checked them for you - this is the best deal.) Only if you think you might really do this bread-baking thing. They're way too nice for soaking poopy clothes or building sandcastles or collecting expired batteries...

Yes, conspicuously there are no holiday photos here. Hmm. Have to work on that. Sure hope we weren't so relaxed we forgot to take any... The memories were good though. Lots of fun with Legos and new books and Nerf guns and a sewing project and squishy blocks and that dresser-top organizer/valet that Steve will probably never use... It was a good one this year :)

Wishing everyone lots of health, happiness, and good fortune for 2010!

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